Sale Terms

The 2020 Sale is Cancelled.

At the conclusion of next years test, a sale of all qualifying bulls will be held.

The sale will be held on April 17, 2021 at UW-River Falls. To ensure that SCVBT has adequate sale numbers, the number of sale bulls will be approximately 70% of the largest enrollment group and 70% of the other breeds group to achieve a minimum of 40 bulls, based on sale index.

To be eligible for the Sale, bulls must finish the Test with minimum weight of 1050# for the largest enrollment group and 1000# for the other breeds group.

The sale index shall be calculated as follows: Sale Index = .75 ADG Ratio + .25 WDA Ratio Bulls will be placed in two groups for determining sale index, the breed with the largest enrollment in one group and all other breeds combined together in a second group.

To qualify for the sale a bull must also pass a breeding soundness exam. Any bull that appears to be reproductively or structurally unsound or hazardous in temperament at the test station will NOT be eligible for the sale.

Sale order will be as follows: Bulls will sell by the breed group with fewest bulls, followed by the breed group with the largest number of bulls. Within each group, the sale order will be based on sale index starting with the highest indexing bull first.

Terms of this sale are cash or check. Each bull will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will settle any disputes as to bids. The buyer must pay for bulls before being released. Each bull will be at the buyer’s risk as soon as they are sold, but will be cared for by management for a reasonable amount of time until they are loaded. SCVBT and UW-River Falls assumes no liability for injury, sickness, or death during transport after the sale of anytime thereafter. The sale of each bull constitutes a contract between the buyer and seller and expressly excludes UW-River Falls and SCVBT from liability, contractual or otherwise, to the seller or buyer. Registration Certificates will be transferred to the buyer at the seller’s expense.

Consignors are responsible for transferring the registration papers to the buyer within 30 days of the sale.

SCVBT Guarantee:

All bulls are guaranteed breeders by the seller if properly managed. Only the bulls that have been examined for breeding soundness and classified as satisfactory potential breeders by a staff veterinarian are eligible for sale. Any bull appearing structurally or reproductively unsound in the opinion of the staff veterinarian or the bull test board of directors will not be sold.

SCVBT and UW-River Falls assumes no liability for any bull sold that subsequently fails to have breeding capabilities. The sale constitutes a contract and agreement between buyer and seller. The seller assumes no liability for injury, sickness, or death of the bull(s) during transport after the sale or anytime thereafter. In the event a bull is a non breeder because of these factors other than injury, sickness, or death, the seller must be notified in writing within 6 months of the sale day of that fact. A vet certificate and prognosis must accompany that written notification. A copy of the buyer’s letter and vet’s certification and prognosis must be sent to the SCVBT President.

A yearling bull is considered a breeder if he is a least 15 months old at the time of use, and is exposed to no more than 15 cows, and settles at least 1/2 of those females within 60-75 day period.

The guarantee is void if the bull has lost weight from the time of sale to the time of the complaint. Non breeder options are as follows:

A: Seller has 6 months from the time of the written notice receipt to prove the bull is a breeder. If the bull is a proven as a breeder by the seller’s vet he can return the bull to the buyer. Trucking will be at buyer’s expense.

B: Seller may replace the purchase bull with one of comparable quality and performance. Acceptance by the buyer is mandatory. Trucking is at the buyer’s expense.

C: Seller may refund full purchase price for the non breeder if approved by the buyer. Trucking of the non breeder is at the buyer’s expense.

D: If the bull is proven a non breeder after the seller exercises option A, the option B or C can be exercised at the buyer’s choice. Options A,B,C,D are considered full and satisfactory settlement. The buyer and seller may agree on other terms. All disputes about breeding are between the buyer and seller. SCVBT or UW-River Falls are not responsible for the settlement of these disputes.