Entering Bulls

SCVBT Invitation to Consign

Thank you for considering testing your high quality beef bulls at the St. Croix Valley Bull Test Station. The test will be held at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls Mann Valley Farm, just west of River Falls, WI.

Bulls will be fed a high roughage ration of haylage, corn silage, high moisture corn, protein, mineral, and dry hay with a two-week warm-up period. All bulls are fed and observed at least once each day and weighed on an average of every 28 days. Ration calculations are targeted for 3 pounds per day average gain. All bulls coming slow to the bunk or not gaining as expected are examined, temperatures taken and treated immediately.

This test allows bulls to express their true genetic potential under conditions similar to the farms they will service. More attention is given to the bulls than at many commercial feedlots. Ultrasound carcass data is collected and a breeding soundness exam completed.

Short-term post sale housing, trucking and marketing help is available for all bulls.

Invitation to Consign and Nomination Forms