About the Test

Dear Cattle Producers

Dear Cattle Producer,

Welcome to the St. Croix Valley Bull Test! At our annual sale, we are proud to offer you an outstanding group of performance tested herd bulls. The bulls in this test represent the “best of the best” from top herds across Wisconsin and Minnesota. All bulls have been ration tested, ultra-sounded, fertility checked and tested free of PI-BVD to provide you the information you need to select your future herd sire. The bulls are fed a high forage diet that allows them to express their true genetic potential. A diet of this type, combined with a good health program and genetically superior cattle assures you that a bull from SCVBT will add value to your herd.

Thank You for your interest in our bull test! We look forward to serving your genetic needs now and in the future.

To evaluate differences in performance traits among bulls raised in uniform environment and fed under practical conditions.

Test Location
University of Wisconsin-River Falls Mann Valley Farm
129 South Glover Road, River Falls, WI 54022

Sale Location
University of Wisconsin-River Falls Mann Valley Farm


  • Educational tool to acquaint producers with performance records.
  • Provides producers with comparative data based on measurable traits of economic value.
  • Provide seed stock to producers.

This test is under the general supervision of the St. Croix Valley Bull Test Board.  The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is under contract to furnish facilities, complete feeding, care and management for the bulls. UW-River Falls and the St. Croix Valley Bull Test Board will not assume liability for the cattle in case of sickness or loss.